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Tire installation in Cleves

Next time you see an older car on the road, think about what it took to get it to that point. Chances are, its owner trusted Eric's Alignment Center for all its general maintenance needs. For over 30 years, we've helped vehicles in Miami Township with tires, brakes, oil changes, and more. 

It's time we straightened you out

When your back is out of whack, you don't function at your best. The same goes for your vehicle. If it's taking too much effort to keep it on the straight and narrow, a wheel alignment or new tires could be just what it needs.

You say stop, your car thinks not

Failing brakes aren't just inconvenient, they're dangerous. If you're lacking in stopping power, stop on in to Eric's Alignment Center. We'll get you back to stopping on a dime for just a few dollars. Get your oil changed while you wait.

Give your car some TLC

You ask a lot of your car. It gets you to work, gets your kids to school, and occasionally takes your family on an epic road trip. Keep it on the job by letting Eric's Alignment Center take care of all its general repair needs.
Tire installation provided by professional in Cleves
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